We apologise for the delay in providing information with regards to Flu season 2020/21. As you can appreciate we have been working extremely hard as a practice to modify how we run our flu clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure everyone eligible can be offered a flu vaccination as soon as possible - whilst adhering to strict social distancing guidance. The welfare of our staff and our patients is paramount. 

Each season we vaccinate over 2500 patients, and we anticipate this will be considerably higher this year. Our delivery is slightly later this year, so we will be running our clinics in October 2020.


The Surgery will be offering a 'Walk Through' Flu Clinic Service. Please ensure you have read the information below. 



Important Information

PLEASE NOTE: Do not attend for your Flu Vaccination if you are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms - You vaccination can be rescheduled for a later date. For guidance on COVID-19 symptoms please click HERE


  • You will receive your invite via letter or text (This will be sent to you in the upcoming weeks).

  • The clinics will be taking place at the surgery (We will be inviting less patients per session to ensure social distancing is followed).

  • The Surgery Car Park will be CLOSED (Our car park will only be open for disabled badge holders and taxi's picking up patients with poor mobility).

  • You will be allocated a specific time slot to attend for your vaccination (It is imperative that you attend at the time you have been allocated. Failure to do this may result in a delay of you being vaccinated).

  • Patients will queue outside of the building 1m apart (This is for everybody's safety - You will only enter the building when instructed by staff to be vaccinated). 
  • We will have approximately 10 vaccinators at each session (So if you do see other patients arriving please be reassured by this). 

  • There will be two different flu vaccinations this year (The guidance advises different vaccines for those over 65 / under 65. This may mean households are invited to two different clinics dependant on your age). 

  • You must wear a face mask or a face covering (Staff will be wearing full PPE so in return we are asking if patients can also wear a face covering).

  • You will be asked to sanitize your hands and have your temperature checked upon entering the surgery via the back entrances (This is to ensure the safety of other patients and staff - If your temperature is 37.5 C or above, you will be advised to return home and follow online NHS guidance).

  • Where you can please attend for your flu vaccination alone (This is to avoid unnecessary crowds inside the surgery - We are asking if only those who are due to have a vaccination that day can attend). 

  • Please ensure you are wearing suitable clothing (The flu vaccination is given in the upper part of your arm, so if you can wear something that allows easy access to this area - This will stop any potential delay and help us stick to our time frames).

  • Once you have had your Flu Vaccination please exit the building via the front entrance immediately (This is to avoid patients being inside the building for an unnecessary amount of time and crowds. By doing this you will be helping us decrease any delay for those waiting to be vaccinated as we will not allow them into the building until you have exited). 

We truly do appreciate that this is a lot of information and change for everyone involved, but we have no other alternative, as this is the guidelines. We would be very grateful if you could help us by adhering to the above guidance. Thank you for your help in ensuring our clinics run as smoothly as anticipated. 


Unable to Attend your Allocated Appointment?

If you are unable to attend the date or the time you have been allocated - Please contact the surgery AFTER 21/10/2020 to arrange an appointment in one of our 'Mop-up' clinics. 


Unable to Attend Due to Poor Mobility?

If you are unable to attend the date or the time you have been allocated due to poor mobility - Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment in our 'Poor Mobility Flu Jab' clinic. 


Housebound Flu Vaccinations

If you are Housebound you WILL NOT receive an invite from us - Housebound Flu vaccinations will be done by the Primary Care Network team. They will commence vaccinating their caseload Mid-End of September 2020 with an aim to be completed by 31st October 2020.


Declining your Flu Vaccination 

If you wish to decline your flu vaccination this year please contact the surgery as soon as possible to inform us, so that we can update your record. 


For further guidance on the Flu Vaccination Please click HERE

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