Bowel Cancer Screening


Bowel cancer is a common type of cancer in both men and women. About 1 in 20 people will get it during their lifetime.

Screening can help detect bowel cancer at an early stage, when it's easier to treat. 



What is Bowel Cancer Screening?

Bowel Cancer screening is a very important test to check if you have or are at risk of Bowel Cancer. The screening is done in two different ways;

1) Bowel Scope Screening -  A test where a thin, flexible tube with a camera at the end is used to look for and remove any polyps inside your bowel. (For further information on Bowel Scope screening please click HERE).

2) Home Testing Kit - This is a test that is sent to your home address - you use the kit to collect small samples of your poo. You then post the kit to a laboratory so that the sample can be checked.  (For further information on Home Testing Kits please click HERE).


Who is offered Bowel Cancer Screening?

NHS bowel cancer screening is only offered to people aged 55 or over, as this is when you're more likely to get bowel cancer.

1) Bowel Screening Scope if you're 55, you'll automatically be invited for a one-off bowel screening scope. 

2) Home Testing Kitif you're 60 to 74, you'll automatically be invited to do a Home Testing Kit every 2 years.



Further Guidance

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